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27 years in the professional beauty industry, founder of the most successful Exhibitions in America, breaking records of square meters of exhibition and attendance. The success is due to two specific points, a broad knowledge of the industry and knowing how to join a team which we named (Dream Team), achieving excellence in organization, promotion, logistics, marketing, artistic coordination.

Passion: “Coordinate high-level work teams so that the exhibitor obtains optimal results from their investment and the visitor lives an unforgettable experience and continuous improvements in their professional life”. In my Expos We all win!

Slogan: “Make things happen”

Show Director

Communicologist with PR specialty, experience in organizing events since 1992 in the National Advertising Council and 21 years in the beauty industry, holding the position of Show Director, at GLOBAL BEAUTY EXPO. Passionate, cheerful, empathetic and professional looking for ways to help the exhibitor to fulfill their strategies, as well as the visitor to find all the professional products for their business. Surrounded by the best professional team with the talent to achieve the perfect balance and make GBE the best professional beauty exhibition. Convincing new brands around the world to participate and be satisfied, being invited to renew year after year and manage to leave sold out spaces in the show.

Passion: “To make exhibitors live an unforgettable experience, visitors find everything they are looking for, and to be part of a team that wears the shirt and we are proud to belong to GBE” “It is a real privilege to be able to do everything I am passionate about while I am working”.

Slogan: “Discover what the internal and external customer need before they realize they require it.”

Global Beauty Marketing Director

Business and marketing strategist with international studies and more than 10 years leading pioneering and innovative companies in lifestyle industry (beauty, fashion and interior design) trough dynamic and consumer-centered methodologies. Experience directing intercultural projects, promoter of collaborative work of excellent and its continuous optimization. Enjoy the journey to celebrate the destination.

Passion: Building memorable business ecosystems. Obsessed with the digital world
Slogan: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” — Jack Keroua

Operations Director

28 years working in the exhibition industry in operations area, he has participated in many consumer events, fairs, themes, workshops, conferences and massive shows such as:

Auto Show
World Auto Expo
Formula One F1.
More than 25 years of experience in the beauty industy.
Having been as an organizer and service provider have made me understand what does each client need.

Passion: “Setting up world-class events in a timely manner”

Slogan: “The real service is in making a tailor-made suit for each client”

Art Direction and Design

Graphic designer, art direction with a specialty in Branding & Advertising, graphic designer in the commercial area at The Reforma Newspaper, he is currently part of GBE Mexico in charge of Branding & Website.

Passion: “I am passionate about design my focus is on creating unique visual concepts and exciting digital experiences”

SLOGAN: ““I am always looking for innovative creative solutions with the objective of achieving new results, I am proud to be part of GBE Mexico”.

Artistic Coordinator & Ticketing

Hairdresser for more than 25 years, experience in the coordination of large international main stages, with the most prestigious artists in the world. Convince the client that the brands I market are the best, achieving great sales for more than 10 years, I take on the challenge of motivating the more than 350 distributors nationwide, to purchase their Global Beauty Expo ticket packages to attend to the best show.

Passion: “Doing what I love, whoever does not experience it, does not understand it”, “The power of my energy comes from concentrating on what excites me”

Slogan: “Limits do not exist, make them a life project”

GBM Account Manager

5 years ago, I started my way in sales and digital business. I’ve focused my expertise on business strategy, marketing, media and social networks, customer journey, and customer loyalty. I love multi-channel strategies; I’ve worked for international companies in the fashion and interior design industries, helping them to stay ahead of the competition, even in global crises such as the pandemic.

Passion: “Develop audacious strategies to show what is not known o has not been discovered”.

Lema: “Don’t expect what you don’t communicate, because nobody is a diviner; go out into the world to say what you want, need, and offer”
“It is better to win a customer than to have a sale”

Education Area Coordinator Division GBM

Communication, content creation and photographic direction.
Over my time in movies, television and radio, I conclude that I love connecting with people through my work and art.

Passion: “My passion is the stories telling through the lens of a camera, I love music and the message you can share with it.”.

Slogan: “If you can dream it, you can do it”


Marketing Digital & Community Manager

Arukas Marketing. We are Aranza Rodríguez and Lariza Fabela, specialists in different areas such as Editorial, Sales, E-Commerce, Creative Content Creation, Fashion and Commercial Styling, Trends Research, Graphic Design, Branding and much more.

Passion: “Supporting and finding the needs of each client and based on that create a complete experience of personalized services, ¡ we take things where you never imagined!”

Slogan: There are no limits!


20 years coordinating the promoter of the southern zone, 16 states of Mexico making visits beauty salon by beauty salon. Having direct contact with more than 20,000 stylists and reporting the benefits of Global Beauty Expo.

Passion: “”To know the professionals, to know what they are looking for, and to guide them”.

Slogan: “All stylists in Mexico should know us”


20 years coordinating the promotion of the northern zone, 15 states of Mexico making visits beauty salon by beauty salon. Having direct contact with more than 20,000 stylists and reporting the benefits of Global Beauty Expo.

Passion: “Touring the country, meeting people, and overcoming year after year the aesthetics visited.

Slogan: “Every year I bring more people to the show, or I’ll stop calling myself Levi.”