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Main Show

March 6th 2022


March 7 2022
11:00 A 12:30hrs

Main Stage
Limited space

Sasson Academy estelar GBE

Hair Cut, Color and Style

Allison Lyle: Creative Director, Lucus Etcitty: Senior Color Director,
Richie Riviera:Color Director, Traci Sakosits: Creative Director
Schedule: 11:00 TO 12:30
Date: Monday March 7th
Place: Main Stage
Limited Space



Joining Sassoon in 2002 as an Apprentice in the Miami Salon, Allison decided from the very start to pursue a Creative Director role.
This decision saw Allison refining her teaching and client work in both London and Florida and allowed her to quickly move from stylist to educator before transferring to Washington DC in 2005.

Allison spent five years in the DC Salon building a loyal and devoted clientele, which led to her promotion to Creative Director in 2006. In 2010 Allison transferred to the LA Academy where she spent the next two years before moving back to DC to head up the salon for a second time.

Allison returned to LA in 2016 to continue her teaching career and now heads up all of the creative direction in the new Beverly Hills Academy and salon. Continually in demand for her impeccable teaching and communicating skills Allison shares the knowledge that she has gained in her career with grace and style.



Lucus began his career with Sassoon in 1994, joining the team at the Chicago Salon before going on to work in Sassoon Salon locations all over the world – London, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Leeds, Frankfurt and Munich, before returning to North America as Academy Color Director in 2003.

Now based in our new Beverly Hills Academy and salon location, Lucus divides his time between looking after his loyal clientele and guiding both new and experienced color specialists, sharing the spectrum of Sassoon color education from classic technique to avant-garde trends, color theory to fundamental applications.

Lucus also regularly appears on the trade show circuit, representing Sassoon as a valuable member of the International Academy Team. Lucus possesses a patient and enthusiastic teaching style, which has endeared him to our international guests and made him one of the most respected color instructors at Sassoon.



North American Color Director Richie Rivera started his Sassoon career at Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA in 1992. He then went on to complete his Sassoon Salon apprenticeship in Boston in 1993, where he has been based for the last 19 years. During Richie’s time in Sassoon, he has worked as Salon Color Director, until being named East Coast Regional Color Director in 2009. Then, in April 2012, Richie earned the prestigious role of North American Color Director. As the North American Color Director, Richie has the ultimate responsibility of educating and developing the next generation of colorists in all the North America Salons & Academies.

Over his 20 years with Sassoon, Richie has gained a reputation for being a gifted educator, who captivates his audiences while teaching the renowned Sassoon color techniques. Frequently representing Sassoon internationally, from Japan to London to Brazil and everywhere in between, Richie spends much of his time showcasing Sassoon collections and leading countless shows and seminars. Additionally, his talent behind the chair has led to a fiercely loyal clientele in Boston, where he continues to see clients on a regular basis.



North American Creative Director, Traci Sakosits started her training at Sassoon in New York in 1992 where her talents were soon recognized and moved swiftly up the ranks. She transferred to the Beverly Hills Salon as a stylist in 1994 and was promoted to Assistant Creative Director two years later. The call to teach came quickly, and Traci then moved to the Los Angeles Academy in 1997, where she has been based for the last 15 years. While in Los Angeles, she earned the roles of Creative Director and Regional Creative Director, before being appointed the role of North American Creative Director in April 2012 as a result of her talent, passion and dedication to Sassoon.

As North American Creative Director, Traci coaches and inspires all the Sassoon stylists in the Salons and Academies across the country. Her calm temperament, incredible talent and giving personality make her the ideal person for this role. Traci’s position also includes leading shows and seminars around the globe, presenting the latest collections on beauty runways and styling Sassoon editorial shoots. Thousands of fellow hair professionals and students have been empowered by Traci.  “From the very start of my career, I knew I wanted to teach. I love the idea of carrying on the Sassoon ethos,’’ says Traci.